The Rampage

An Interview with the New Junior Class Presidents

Harry Shams

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With significant changes taking place at Ramaz, many students have found themselves in search of a new and effective student government to ensure that their interests remain relevant to the administration. Luckily for juniors at Ramaz, their new presidents plan on doing just that. Tom Shemia ’19 and Isaac Merkin ’19 won the junior presidency in a tight race. The two have made it clear that they plan on reviving the position of class president and making their time in office extremely productive. I had the chance to speak with the two newly elected class presidents about what they hope to accomplish during their time in office. What motivated each of you to run for class president?
Tom: I ran because I saw that nothing seemed to ever get done. Class presidents made promises, but once they got elected the only thing they did was make a Dvar Torah on Shabbaton. I’m not saying I’m going to make crazy changes; I just want to prove that the presidency isn’t just a title people use to enhance their college resumes. Basically, I want to get things done.
Isaac: I ran because I felt and still feel well equipped to handle all the duties that come along with being class president. I love Ramaz, I love my grade, and I believe that I have a good relationship with the faculty.
Isaac, do you think you and Tom will make an effective team?
Isaac: Tom and I have known each other for a long time and I think we’ll be able to work together very well. In fact, we pretty much have identical views on school politics- from how test schedules should be made to Shabbaton activities. We’re also both on the basketball team, which means we’re both pretty adamant about representing the needs of sports-team members. What is one issue each of you will work to resolve?
Tom: I’m going to work towards expanding junior privileges. Last year, sophomores were granted privileges, but with way too many constraints. One of my goals is to ensure that juniors are able to leave school for lunch when they want.

Isaac: I think the juniors have lost their sense of school spirit. One of my goals as president is to rejuvenate the juniors with a newfound sense of pride in the fact that they go to Ramaz. I plan on doing this by encouraging the GO to produce more free merchandise- like the sweatbands they gave out at the end of last year.

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