Good Vibes at G.O. Purim


Sophia Kremer ’20

On Shushan Purim, the halls of the Ramaz Upper School were decked with elaborate costumes: seniors wearing inflatable sumo costumes, the G.O. dressed as Mario Kart characters. There were celebrity sighting such as Post Malone and Justin Bieber, and of course plenty students showed up garbed  in sports jerseys and PJs, claiming that they were “dressed up” too.

This fun-packed day orchestrated by the G.O. kicked off with a Carnival. The gym and auditorium were flooded with blow up rides, carnival games, and a photo booth. Students munched on popcorn and candy as they danced their way through each attraction. “The Bull was a new addition from last year that I think students especially enjoyed,”  said AVP G.O. member Paola Mattout ’19. The day concluded with an assembly comprised of a video, costume contest, and jeopardy game all conducted by the G.O.

The final assembly, at which the G.O. organized activities for the students to enjoy as a collective, was the highlight of the day. The most anticipated portion of the event was the Purim Video, produced by Film Chairs Noah Weinberg ’20 and Sam Deutsch ’20, and Chief Editor Mati Finkelstein ’22. “It took about 20-25 hours total for us to write the script and shoot the video,” said Weinberg. The short film was in the form of a music video. Weinberg explained that the team chose to use the Sicko Mode melody by Travis Scott as the main parody “because we knew that the majority of the student body knew the song and would understand the vibe we were going for in the video.”  The music video plot was centered around baking Hamentashen, an appropriate theme to fit the day’s festivities.

The G.O. also put together a costume competition. Throughout the day G.O. members scoped the halls for the best dressed students. The winner was determined by the students applause in the final assembly and was rewarded with a Ultimate Ears BOOM speaker. The winner of this year’s contest was Ilan Sidi ’19, “I dressed up as an avatar, The Last Airbender,” he said. “It felt pretty great to be the winner. I liked pumping up the school, and knowing that no matter how good Living Sobel (the second place winner who dressed as Pop Singer Post Malone) and the other contestants’ costumes were, that mine was the best.”

Other activities, such as the Faculty vs. Students Ramaz-themed Jeopardy and the drawing of the winners of the faculty raffle were also met with applause and excitement..

The G.O. planned the details of this event weeks leading up to it. Ayelet Monas ’19, Associate Vice President of Operations said, “It was really nice to see students enjoying all of the hard work that we put into making this event a reality.” Rabbi Eli Slomnicki, Dean of Students, and Rabbi Dov Pianko, Director of Student Activities, work alongside the G.O to provide support. Regarding events in the future, Rabbi Pianko expressed that “we are always trying to have a mix of what people liked from the year before, and spicing it up with see new activities. I always welcome student feedback (positive or negative), it is hard to do it better if we don’t know what we need to improve upon.”

And judging by the overwhelmingly positive energy of the day, things could not have been much better.

According to Ethan Morali ’20, “It’s days like Purim that everyone looks forward to and where the G.O. really pulls through.