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A Problem With ESPN?

Alex Leibowitz '15

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Searching the Internet in school this year I was horrified to find that is blocked. Apparently, ESPN is a dangerous website that will distract the minds of yeshiva students from their studies.

Obviously, as almost any student can tell you, this is a ridiculous argument. ESPN is not nearly as destructive as other websites that the school allows. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are unblocked on the school’s Internet. Without a doubt, they are all more distracting and addictive than ESPN, as they encourage interactions with other people, while ESPN is basically an online newspaper dedicated to sports. Furthermore, social media sites have been known to foster cyber bullying, with kids using instant messenger features to mistreat classmates. ESPN doesn’t have any cyber bullying issues. Apparently the sports section is more harmful to children than social media websites, which have been branded as dangerous by some educational experts.

Furthermore, the very fact that ESPN is a news site makes the school’s argument even more ab- surd. The administration should be encouraging all forms of reading, be they about school, gossip, or sports. Reading increases vocabulary, enhances grammar skills, and provides a healthy outlet for young people to relax. I personally have benefited from reading about sports, as I have learned to write journalistic articles and developed a larger arsenal of words that helped me on the SATs.

There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to read ESPN in school. It is a positive site that helps young students develop important skills for the future. Just because ESPN relates to sports does not mean it is bad. We do have gym… don’t we?


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