The Rampage

Suzi Dweck ’19
Suzi Dweck has been an active member of The Rampage since she joined the staff her freshman year. She is a proud member of the team, and is super excited to be Editor-in-Chief of the online Rampage for the 2018-2019 academic year. Suzi loves working with media, and even has a job running a company's Instagram! Besides for the newspaper, Suzi is also  Co-Captain of Ramaz's esteemed Model Congress team, and helps run Coalition for the Homeless every Thursday. Suzi is a dedicated member of The Rampage team and is looking forward to completely revamping the site this year.

Suzi Dweck ’19, Co-Online Editor-in-Chief

Oct 23, 2018
Bringing back the Online Rampage (Story)
The official newspaper of the Ramaz Upper School