The Rampage


In December 2013, the Rampage officially launched its school newspaper website, recognizing the benefits and necessities of having an online publication in such a technologically-dominated world. Not only can the website be updated more frequently and current events can actually be current, but news and information will also be much more accessible to the student body. We are hoping the website hopes will excite its audience and attract an ongoing reading community as a complement to the print publication. We welcome your input and comments on all articles, videos, and pictures, as we continue to mold our work to the needs of our public.

This year, we are revamping the website to be friendlier, more accessible, and–most of all–more of a one-stop destination for any Ramaz student. This site is going beyond just news from the print edition–we’re going to have breaking news updates, exclusive online-only articles and features, and exciting multimedia content (video, art, and so on). Get ready for an amazing online experience! 

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The student newspaper of the Ramaz Upper School