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A New Yorker’s Guide Of Things To Do Over Winter Break

A New Yorker’s Guide Of Things To Do Over Winter Break

Yakira Weinstock ‘26 December 30, 2022

As winter break approaches, here are some fun things to do if you are in NYC over the break: Ice Skating - In NYC, there are many places to go ice skating; Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, and Central...

The Silverman Report: Homeroom- An Introvert’s Worst Nightmare

Sarah Silverman ’24 December 11, 2022

Disclaimer (for legal reasons, and for those of you who can’t understand that this article is satire): this article is a joke.  What is homeroom? Freshmen have asked this question since the dawn...

A Summer of Change

Charlotte Kleeger '24 December 11, 2022

I am a Seed of Peace.  Just two months ago, I stepped off a bus in Otisfield, Maine, carrying no sense of familiarity with me aside from my backpack. Those words were just a lyric to a camp song with...

Meet the Editors! 2022-2023

Meet the Editors! 2022-2023

Andrew Spielfogel ’23 December 11, 2022

Note from the editors: We are beyond excited to be your Rampage Editor-in-Chiefs this year! Together with our hard-working and talented team, we hope to produce an engaging newspaper that is an accurate...

Student Teacher Conferences- The Ultimate Race Against Time

Sarah Silverman ’24, Feature Editor December 11, 2022

In the game of life, there are two ways to handle stressful situations. The "wolves," aka the future finance bros of America, hunt their prey and try to achieve the impossible- leaving school as early...

Ramdome Renovations

Stella Hiltzik ’25 December 11, 2022

On the first day of school, students entered the silver box amazed at the newly renovated gym, the Ramdome. While it may look like an easy fix-up, in reality, it took lots of planning, designing, and a...

A Freshie’s View: Interviewing Asher Rosenfeld

A Freshie’s View: Interviewing Asher Rosenfeld

Rachel Buller '25 December 11, 2022

RB: What Middle School did you attend? AR: I went to Ramaz Middle School. RB: Have you become friends with kids who didn’t go to Ramaz Middle School AR: Yes, I've made friends with a few new...

YU Science Research Internship

YU Science Research Internship

Romi Chaovat ’24 December 11, 2022

The rigorous lifestyle every scientist has to experience at one point in their scientific journey is the one of PCR: Pipette, Cry, Repeat. In reality, PCR refers to a polymerase chain reaction. But, as...

Senate Page With Raymond Ashkenazie

Senate Page With Raymond Ashkenazie

Lyath Berrebi '26 December 11, 2022

You may know him from Sephardic Culture Club, mock trial, chessed, or even as Junior Vice President of the G.O. This past summer, Raymond Ashkenazie was selected for the Senate program where he spent time...

School Spirit: A Look at the Year Ahead

School Spirit: A Look at the Year Ahead

Avi Flatto-Katz '25 December 11, 2022

Ramaz School Spirit is prominent throughout the building, especially during the Glouberman Basketball Tournament hosted in Los Angeles. It is evident that school spirit has improved throughout the decades...

Queen Elizabeths Legacy

Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy

Orli Rabbani '25 December 11, 2022

The Queen is dead, long live the King. I don’t think anyone anticipated the untimely death of Queen Elizabeth II. She had been reigning for so long, it seemed as if she was immortal. She left a handprint...

Senior Advisory Program

Ashley Behm ‘24 December 10, 2022

This year the high school welcomed over one hundred freshmen, the biggest incoming class in over a decade. With such a large number of freshmen, the administration decided it was important to set up the...

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