The Rampage

Keren Kubersky 21 presented her project on sustainable fashion at the end of the summer.

Summer Mentorship Program: Worth Giving Up Beach Time?

Eric Kalimi ’22 September 10, 2020

Because of rigid school curriculums, Ramaz students often think of learning as a tedious chore, but it can also be one of the most fun and rewarding ways to pass time. Students were able to learn this...

Socially distanced students

Six Months Later…. Finally Back on 78th!

Eric Kalimi ’22 September 10, 2020

Last March, when COVID-19 hit New York City, the city that never sleeps quickly shut down. In-person school was closed to prevent the spread of the virus, and classes switched to online for the rest of...

How Did Ramaz Students Spend Their Summers?

How Did Ramaz Students Spend Their Summers?

Sydney Eisenstein '22 September 10, 2020

This summer, many students found themselves experiencing a different summer than what they had envisioned. Unfortunately, many students’ original summer plans were derailed due to COVID-19 and they were...

Created by Isaac Silverman 21

Caught in the Web of Sex-Ed

Arielle Levy '21 September 10, 2020

On the first day of their junior year, the Ramaz class of 2021 looked down at their new course list, confused. The sex-ed class, usually covered in the 11th grade health class, was no longer being taught...

Rebecca’s art corner in her room

Quarantined, Yet Transported Around the World: My At-Home Art Studio

Rebecca Kalimi '23 September 10, 2020

Coronavirus stripped a multitude of opportunities away from us this summer. Unlike activities such as traveling, some activities can be done from the comfort of our own homes. Many students enrolled in...

Ms. Benel and her students in Peurto Rico on a chesed mission in 2019.

A Tribute to Ms. DeeDee Benel

Rachel Freilich ’22 September 10, 2020

After a lifetime of dedication to numerous chesed initiatives in the Ramaz Upper School, Ms. Deedee Benel, Educational Director of Student Programming and Chesed, is retiring. The Ramaz community was disheartened...

Anna Brauns workspace for her virtual internship

Standing Up To Anti-Semitism: An Interview With Anna Braun

Nicole Hirschkorn ’22 August 28, 2020

With anti-Semitism on the rise, it is our responsibility as Jews to stand up to anti-Semites and debunk anti-Semitic propaganda. One way to confront anti-Semitism is to spread awareness based on facts....

Eliana Sobel ‘22 showed her support for the Black Lives Matter Movement by posting this on her Instagram.

Educational Diversity

Julia Feit ’22 August 25, 2020

As a leader in Jewish education, Ramaz’s students are expected to have a broad understanding of American History and the forces that shape our current political and social climate. Ramaz has the responsibility...

Revealing Cover-up

Revealing Cover-up

Samantha Sinensky ’21 August 25, 2020

“Cellphone, keys, mask.” When sprinting out the door, looping a mask over your ears has become as habitual as throwing on a coat; it is the armor of every cautious citizen hoping to evade the coronavirus....

Ramaz Upper School Chemistry Lab

“Experimenting” with Socially-Distant Science Labs

Norma Tawil ’22 August 24, 2020

Whether you are examining cells through a microscope, racing weighted cars, or creating explosions, science is one of the most interactive and hands-on subjects in high school. Last spring when the pandemic...

Summer 2020 Crossword

Summer 2020 Crossword

Isaac Silverman ’21 August 24, 2020

If you complete the word search, send us a picture and we’ll feature it on our Instagram! ANSWER KEY:

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