How the G.O Plans Chagigas: An Interview with Sophia Kremer

How the G.O Plans Chagigas: An Interview with Sophia Kremer

Q: What are the first steps in planning a Chagiga?

A: When planning a Chagiga we review previous chagigot and brainstorm how the upcoming one can be improved. We get the budget from Dov, which depends chagigah to chagigah. We take into account what students did not enjoy in the past and what we think they would want to see more of. We not only plan the over all idea, but also map out the details of each attraction, whether it is the food we serve, the location of the snack table, the types of glow sticks we give out, the DJ. We are the ones who choose whether the food on display is either candy or Krispy Kreme. We write down every detail like where to place the tables with the candy or which type and brand of glow sticks we need to buy.


Q: Who do you guys work with most frequently when planning?

A: We work the Rabbi Slomniki and Rabbi Dov multiple times a week to execute these plans. If you ever see a G.O member running to get lunch to quickly make it to the conference room in the office, that is probably what we are running for.


Q: How long/far in advance do you guys planning for a Chagigia?

A: We usually start planning about 4-5 weeks in advance. If the event involves a DJ or a venue reservation, those plans are made months in advance. We also need to research much of this on our own, so time is essential.


Q: Do you think that the administration actually helps or do you guys mostly do it on your own?

A: Rabbi Slomniki and Rabbi Dov are by our side in the process. We plan the activities, map out what the day would look like, introduce new ideas and so on. They usually take care of the logistics such as dates, transportation, and payments. Often, we propose ideas as a group that do not get implemented. Examples include: A massage chair, color war, and a new lounge space in the library. We want students to know that we are constantly working at making Student Life better for them. We are also open to suggestions from students that we can take to the administration.