Welcome to The Mob!


Students watch the Glouberman Tournament in the lounge.

Sophia Kremer ’20, Editor-in-Chief

This year, the first thing Ramaz students will learn is vocabulary. “The Mob,” “Horns up,” and “RamFam” are phrases that will populate school social media accounts and spirit days as the G.O. introduces a new initiative to boost sports and spirit called SPIT (Sports and Spirit). This new branch of the G.O. is dedicated to transforming school spirit at Ramaz by creating an atmosphere in which students will be excited to support Ramaz teams at sporting events, proudly wear RMZ merch, and repost using SPIT hashtags.

After an unprecedented display of school spirit on occasions such as the Glouberman Basketball Tournament in Los Angeles, the Varsity Volleyball’s third straight championship title, and the constant game recaps that were posted on Schoology, the G.O. decided to respond with an initiative that would allow for more opportunities for students to come together.

The G.O. worked with Mr. Eli Katz, the new Director of Athletics, to launch its new campaign. Mr. Katz, whose position at Ramaz includes revitalizing the school’s sports curriculum and programming, will also oversee SPIT. Mr. Katz described SPIT as “the cultivation of spirit around athletics by the students themselves.”

“The way I see it,” he said, “the spirit brought by the student body is what is key in developing a united and strong athletics department.” Part of the initiative will include electing student representatives from each grade to work on organizing student fan buses, promoting original RMZ chants to ramp up cheering at games, and other spirit activities in and out of school.

Mr. Katz added, “this is something that many want and are very much looking forward to incorporating into life at Ramaz. I would love, with the help of the student body, to make this happen.”

The campaign will also include reframing the Ramaz identity as “The Ram.” SPIT will also introduce a new name for the Ramaz student body: “The Mob,” which means a flock of rams and was inspired by the Los Angeles’ #MobSquad.

SPIT will also have a social media presence. The Instagram will post score updates for big games, recap photos and commentary, and introduce new sports apparel.

G.O. President Ethan Morali ’20 said, “I think it’s about time more school spirit is incorporated at Ramaz, and SPIT is a great way to initiate this vision.”

Student athletes agree with this sentiment. “Knowing that you are not playing for yourself, your family, and the school but for the students who are there to support you and cheer you on makes you play even harder and makes the game so much more fun,” said Spencer Rubenstein ’21, a member of the boys’ varsity basketball team. He specified that “our best games are always when we have the most crowd support.” Gabby Schwartz ’20, a member of the girls’ varsity basketball team affirmed that, “it is really important to represent your school, and increasing school spirit will make everyone feel more involved!”

The G.O. has many new announcements to make this school year involving school spirit. So stay tuned, RAMFAM!