Meet the New Rampage Editorial Board!

What was the first article you ever wrote for the Rampage? What was your favorite article you ever wrote?

ZB: I wrote my first article with former Ramaz student Alexandra Orbuch, contrasting her freshman experience coming from Ramaz with mine hailing from a different school. My favorite article is definitely my most recent, “Hitlahavut: Ramaz’s Best Kept Secret.”

JS: The first article I wrote was about Hadar Goldin’s brother coming to speak to the seniors. I remember struggling to write that article because I hadn’t heard the speaker myself and was nervous about talking to the seniors! My favorite article I’ve written is “‘Would You Like to Carry the Torah?’

SK: My first article covered Freshman Orientation, and my favorite article is “#MeJew–Is it Time for Women to Speak up in Minyan?

HD: My first article was about the Freshman Shabbaton and my favorite article was when I wrote about the creation of social probation, detention, and citizenship reports during my sophomore year.

AF: The first article I wrote was about the 2018 Freshman class size. My favorite article I’ve written is “PSAT 2018: Educational or ‘Meme’-able?

Favorite and least favorite school lunch?

ZB: My favorite lunch is hamburgers with sweet potato fries and my least favorite is breakfast for lunch.

JS: My favorite lunch is shawarma, and my least favorite lunch is mac and cheese.

SK: My favorite lunch is chicken nuggets and my least favorite is deli meat.

HD: My favorite lunch is obviously chicken nuggets and my least favorite is baked ziti.

AF: My favorite lunch is chicken nuggets with spicy mayo and ketchup! My least favorite is breakfast for lunch.

What is your most involved club other than the Rampage?

ZB: Mock Trial! Let’s get to Albany this year!

JS: Model Congress! We’re going to a second competition in addition to our annual Penn trip for the first time this year.

SK: Coding Club!

HD: Yearbook!! Get ready for the best one yet!

AF: Yearbook! I bet you can’t wait to SEE it!

What are your plans for the Rampage this year?

ZB: I plan to overhaul the feedback process for articles. Editors should be working more closely with writers by speaking with them on the phone to ensure that writers understand what they need to fix now and work on for the future.

JS: I want to get more people to read the paper, both in print and online. I’m working on improving the website and our social media presence (check out @theramazrampage on Instagram and Facebook). The Rampage is going to be much more active online this year!

SK: I plan to improve the Rampage reader experience and make the paper more interactive by adding columns and memes. I also plan to recruit more writers.

HD: I plan to make the Rampage layouts easier to navigate and ensure that the online Rampage gets the attention it deserves.

AF: This year, I plan on increasing the exposure and availability of the online Rampage. Additionally, I hope to draw more attention to the paper with unique layouts both in print and on social media.

Favorite spot in NYC?

ZB: Lincoln Center.

JS: The Central Park Reservoir.

SK: The Highline.

HD: Hudson Yards

AF: The MET steps.