Q&A: Getting to Know Dr. Donna Herzog

Sydney Eisenstein '22

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Sydney Eisenstein: How do you like Ramaz?

Dr. Donna Herzog: Ramaz is very different from where I worked before but I really love the energy of the students and interacting with them.


SE: What do you think of the length of our school days?

DH: I think that the length of Ramaz’s school days are relatively long but considering the amount of subjects Ramaz students  have, I seewhy the days must be this length. 


SE: Have you traveled anywhere recently?

DH: I just went to Italy where I got engaged!


SE: What did you do before you were at Ramaz?

DH: Before I taught at Ramaz, I was a graduate student at NYU. I taught Israeli history courses and Hebrew courses. 


SE: How does Ramaz compare to where you worked before?

DH: Students at Ramaz have more energy and are more excited to come to class In addition, the periods are shorter than what I am  used to and there is less time to teach in one meeting. 


SE: How do you spend your free time? 

DH: I love the arts. I enjoy going to Broadway shows and the opera. 


SE: Tell me about your family.

DH: I have an older brother, a younger sister, and a younger brother. My older brother recently got married and had a baby. My sister is a lawyer and my  younger brother is studying engineering.  


SE: Where did you attend college?

DH: I attended Macauley college at Queens College and went to graduate school at NYU. 


SE: Where do you like to go on vacation?

DH:  I enjoy going on vacation anywhere where there’s a coastline. 


SE: If you were not a history teacher, what would you do?

DH: I  would work for the Mossad.


SE: iPhone or Samsung?

DH: iPhone 


SE: Favorite TV show?

DH: Seinfeld.


SE: Favorite food?

DH: Pasta. 


SE: Sepharadic/Ashkenaz?

DH: A mix. My father is Ashkenaz and My mother is Libian. 


We are excited to welcome Dr. Herzog into the Ramaz history department and wish her great success in her new role.


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