The Annual Club Fair


Avigail Dupont ’21

Nothing marks the beginning of a new school year like the club fair. Club fair is a time when students sign up for too many clubs, many of which they probably won’t even attend, but also an amazing opportunity to learn about the extensive programs Ramaz has to offer. There are clubs ranging from sports teams to publications, academic competitions to performing arts, and much more. 

On Tuesday, September 17, the auditorium quickly filled with students and positive energy as they rushed to sign up for clubs during their lunch periods. Like any Ramaz event, the club fair also featured snacks!

For freshman, this was a completely new experience. It was a great time for them to see the variety of clubs open to them and get to know some of the upperclassmen. The warm and welcoming environment of club fair can be helpful in the midst of adapting to a new environment and new people at the beginning of freshman year. Samuel Ostad ’23 says, “it was really nice to see everyone being so friendly to each other. I didn’t know Ramaz had such a large variety of clubs; they did a really great job catering to everyone’s interests.” Chloe Gad ’23 agrees, saying that, “club fair was a really great time. All the club leaders were encouraging students to join, and overall the environment was really welcoming.” 

This year’s club fair was a big success. The location offered more space to set up the tables and allowed students to see clubs more clearly. One of the biggest complaints about last year’s clubs fair was that the room was too small for such a big fair and that the stations were too close together, preventing students from seeing certain clubs. The bigger space also allowed more room for socializing. Another big complaint from last year was that it was during, and by then many students had left for vacation and were unable to sign up to their desired clubs. The only feedback about this year’s club fair is that it shouldn’t take place during 3 different lunch periods. Samantha Sinensky ’21 says, “I would prefer if students did not have to choose between attending class, or going to club fair. Perhaps club fair can be scheduled during a B4 period when the whole student body does not have class.”