Q&A: Getting to Know Ms. Diana Arboleda

Hannah Doft ’20

Hannah Doft: What are your hobbies outside of school? 

Ms. Diana Arboleda: I love reading, gardening, yoga and pilates. I also enjoy going to Broadway and off-Broadway shows in the city. 


HD: What are two fun facts about yourself? 

DA: I love dogs but I don’t have one. I am the youngest of five siblings.  


HD: Where are you from?

DA: I am from Colombia. 


HD: How did you decide to become a Spanish teacher?

DA: When I was a kid and a teenager I used to read a lot, so that led me to study a bachelor in literature, philosophy and humanities. I gained a sense of the importance of the Spanish language and I decided to travel to Spain and study a master in teaching Spanish as a second language. Once I started learning about the value of Spanish in the world, I couldn’t stop, and in 2014 I began my Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics.


HD: Where did you work before coming to Ramaz? 

DA: I worked at Avenues The World School, in the Cultural Center for Language Studies in New Jersey. I also taught in various high schools and colleges in Colombia for seven years. 


HD: How do you plan to use your past experiences at Ramaz? 

DA: After living in different countries and teaching diverse students, I can use all these experiences to show my students how culture and language are one thing. It is important to teach them that learning a language is not only conjugating verbs, but understanding the people that use that language.


HD: What are new teaching methods you plan to implement? 

DA: Depending on the students’ language proficiency, I use project based learning and Harkness discussions to improve fluency and gain confidence in language skills. 


We are excited to welcome Ms. Arboleda to the World Language department and wish her best of luck in her new role.