Inside the Freshman Class of 2023


Ilan Puterman '23

The Ramaz freshman class of 2023 is quite a diverse group. Students come from myriad backgrounds and boast various fun facts, athletic interests, summer vacation spots, favorite part about freshman orientation, and reasons for coming to Ramaz in the first place.

There were many different reasons for why the freshman class chose Ramaz but a lot of recurring answers were: great students and teachers, and amazing academics, clubs, and teams. “I have gone to Ramaz for twelve years and I can’t think of a better school to be at,” said Alexandra Paul ’23. “The curriculum is rigorous, the extracurriculars are entertaining and interesting, and the students and teachers are great people to be with for 9 hours a day.” Leah Rabbani ’23 noted, “Out of all of the school’s that I applied to, Ramaz appeared to be the best option. The teachers, academics, clubs, teams and people seemed amazing. I didn’t think that any other school would offer a nearly similar experience compared to Ramaz.”

According to many students, freshman orientation was a hit. Students enjoyed meeting with their advisors, playing human bingo and the scavenger hunt games, meeting their friends and making new friends, meeting their teachers, and, of course, the ice cream truck at the end of the day. “I liked when we went through our Thursday schedule for ten minutes each class, it helped me get into the hang of things,” said Charlotte Newhouse ’23. “I enjoyed playing human bingo and getting to know my new classmates,” said Alisa Glezyer ’23. 

When it came to the grade’s preferred social media platform, there was a clear frontrunner: Instagram, with a preference of 58%. Snapchat was a runner-up, with a preference of 32%. In terms of the scope of the freshman commute, 50% of the responders indicated that they live on the Upper East Side, while the other 50% live scattered throughout Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut, and the Upper West Side. 

The 5 most-watched sports in the grade were Basketball (48%), Football (35%), Tennis (32%), Baseball (23%), and Soccer (23%); the most popular Ramaz sport teams were Basketball (25%), and Table Tennis (20%). 

Over the summer, the freshman grade was involved in a multitude of activities. 50% of responders attended sleep-away camp, 30% traveled overseas, 20% traveled domestically, 25% watched TV, 25% played sports, and 20% had a summer job. 

See the attached data from the poll for more a more in-depth view of the freshman class.