G.O. Update: Monday Mincha Muffins


William Kremer ’21

Muffins have been a symbol of faculty superiority for years. We’ve all read those depressing warnings: “these muffins are NOT for students” or, “if you’re a student, do not open this door” signs by the lunchroom every morning with hungry eyes and empty stomachs. What Ramaz student hasn’t dreamed of a fresh muffin to start off his or her day?

Now, students have newfound access to muffins due to a new G.O. initiative. As a part of its goal to increase school spirit and make the everyday life at Ramaz even sweeter, the student government is passing out muffins every few Mondays after mincha. Dubbed MMM, or Monday Mincha Muffins, these freshly baked pastries are distributed to the entire student body by members of the G.O. roaming around the school with trays full of varieties such as vanilla and chocolate-chocolate chip. Ralph Nakash ’21 said, “The muffins are amazing, and they really help me finish my day off right.”

Associate Vice President of Student Life Sophia Kremer ’20 took on the initiative with support from her fellow G.O. members. Kremer explained, “we decided to serve the snack during mincha because students enjoy the cereals at breakfast and usually get hungry around mincha time. Monday is always the hardest day [of the week], and we wanted to sweeten it up a bit.”

Many students have been raving about the new treats, with Adam Vasserman ’21 “ecstatic” about the addition: “The G.O. really stepped up and helped me get through the last two periods without being consumed by hunger.”

  Will muffins become the students’ newest favorite, even more than chocolate chip cookies? That is yet to be determined, but for now, MMMs are certainly a home run.