Our Community at Work: Dr. David Serur


Tammy Palagi '21

Dr. David Serur is parent of Leah Serur ‘21 and a world-class nephrologist, a specialist that focuses on the treatment of diseases that affect the kidneys. On a daily basis he goes to the hospital and visits his patients, always making an extra effort to keep his patients comfortable. His day-to-day begins by conversing with his patients and taking notes on their progress. He assesses their problems and gives them prescriptions. If and when the time comes, he sets them up for a kidney transplant. Additionally, he does research by going over the charts and evaluating their outcomes to see if the treatment is helping the patients. If it is not, then he works to find a better course of treatment. He is always looking for the best and least invasive course of treatment. 

As a kid, Dr. Serur liked taking things apart and fixing them. He explored his curiosity by opening appliances and looking to see how they worked inside. His favorite subject as a student was biology. He his fascination with handy work and biology would make medicine the ideal profession for him in his future.

Dr. Serur claims that most rewarding part of his work as a nephrologist is when a patient on dialysis, the process of removing excess water, solutes, and toxins from the blood in people whose kidneys can no longer undergo these functions naturally, three times a week for hours each day, finally gets a kidney transplant. They are suddenly free to do whatever they want and are restored to their former selves.

Dr. Serur’s advice to the ambitious Ramaz student body is to continue to study hard because this will prove beneficial for their studies in college and beyond. He claims that a superior or administrator can really tell when someone went to rigorous high school because they already know how to sit and learn efficiently. The Ramaz students are at an extraordinary advantage because they are trained to work hard, and according to Dr. Serur, that makes a world of a difference!