Ramcast: The New Ramaz Podcast

Aliza Teller ’23

Ramaz students are given the opportunity to pursue their passions. Gabe Kraiem ’20 exemplified this ideal by creating his own podcast through Ramaz. Gabe has always enjoyed speaking with friends and sharing his complex ideas. He is a curious individual and is always asking questions. He got his inspiration from his cousin, Ramaz alum Juda Kishk ’16. Gabe got the idea to start a podcast from his peer Aaron Solomons ’20. Gabe, a persistent student, met with Rabbi Stochel to see where he could take the idea. And so, Ramcast was created. 

Ramcast helps Gabe express his ideas on important topics and current events. His goal is to create a podcast in every area with other Ramaz students hosting interviews, not only Gabe. He hosts students and teachers who specialize in different fields to speak. Gabe hopes Ramcast will be another source of information for students. 

Gabe plans to talk about philosophy with rabbis, technology with Mr. Vovsha, and morality with science teachers. If he does not know a lot about a topic, he asks another student to contribute to the questionnaire. Although Gabe is graduating this year, he plans on finding someone to take over so the podcast can continue.