Where Can I Find My Teachers?

Charles Spielfogel ’21

Over the past few weeks, many teachers have moved their office locations. This was motivated by the administration’s belief that it would be more effective for all the teachers from each department to be in the same locations. The science, math, and Judaic Studies departments have always shared offices for their departments. However, the other departments were fragmented and spread out, like the history department for example, with each teacher situated in a different office. According to Ms. Krupka, “it used to be just random teachers in all these places, so we kind of moved things around so that everyone is sitting by department now.” However, the fact remains that not all department chairs were actually moved; Dr. Jucovy and Ms. Barak are still in their previous office locations, not sitting with their departments.

According to Ms. Krupka, the teachers’ lounge previously held many teachers, but many were lacking places to sit or assigned desks. Now, the former teachers’ lounge houses the Hebrew language and foreign language departments. According to Madame Bellaiche, a French teacher, “I think it is a better situation to be with your department. It makes more sense.”

The math department has always been together on the SC level. Ms. Lowry said, “I enjoy being able to discuss issues regarding the math curriculum and institutional techniques with my colleagues, but I miss the interaction with teachers from other departments.” According to Dr. Bernstein, “It is helpful to be around other history teachers because now we are able to talk to each other more readily. I suppose it is now easier for students, too, because they now know all the history teachers are in the same place.” 

For all students who are now looking for their teachers: the history department is located in the office in the library. The Hebrew language and foreign language departments are in the old teachers’ lounge. The science department remains in the science office on the fifth floor and the Judaic Studies department remains in the SAC. The English department is now in the office near the gym. The math department remains next to the SC seminary room.  

Hopefully, this new system should provide more organization and ease of which to find teachers during the day. Though some teachers miss being around colleagues from different departments and no longer have a common place to hang out, the administration believes that in the long run, this will benefit the running of the school.