A Guide to the Unofficial Ramaz Instagram Accounts

A Guide to the Unofficial Ramaz Instagram Accounts

William Kremer ’21

Ramaz students can’t get enough of Instagram and the school has several official accounts including @ramazschool, @ramazparentscouncil, @ramazalumni, and @jonathandcannon to keep everyone updated. Just when students thought they were following them all, now there are more handles devoted to life at Ramaz. Covering everything from sports to salads, new accounts keep popping up. The question is, will students follow them?


Ramaz G.O. – 783 followers

@ramazgo was founded with the mission of encouraging school spirit and fostering unity. The account updates the student body with pictures from key school events including sports games, shabbatons and performances. It also announces merch drops and special events. A new initiative called Ram Compliments features students doing acts of kindness.

The upside: Seeing pictures of classmates having fun at events everyone looks forward to attending.

The downside: The account is mostly pictures of G.O. members and it’s not updated daily.


BehindPano – 280 followers

@behindpano2020 is the yearbook Instagram account created by yearbook editors Aliza Freilich ’20, Hannah Doft ’20, and Lucy Doft ’20. Freilich thought of the idea for the account because of the abundance of photos the yearbook staff has taken that don’t make it into the yearbook. The pictures would go to waste if they weren’t shared through Instagram. 

The upside: Who would want to miss a portrait of Zanger in his Purim costume?

The downside: Most of the pictures are of seniors.


Ramaz YLP – 120 followers

@rmzylp is an account run by Aryeh Teller ’20 that focuses on the scores of Ramaz sports games. Teller volunteered to be the Ramaz ambassador for the popular account Yeshiva League Pass, which posts the scores of all boys’ Yeshiva League basketball, hockey, and soccer games. 

The upside: Ramaz students can get real time updates on games that are not live-streamed. 

The downside: Being affiliated with YLP limits Teller to posting scores from only these three sports. Many students would like to see girls’ sports and more boys’ sports represented on the account as well. 


Salads by Bodner – 99 followers

@salads_of_ramaz is run by Saul Tawil ’21, Jules Shalhov ’21, and Joseph Moche ’21. The account is a daily posting of salads created by Rabbi Bodner at Ramaz’s very own salad bar. The purpose of the account is to promote students using their creativity to make healthy eating choices in the lunchroom. All the salads posted on the account are created using ingredients from the lunchroom alone and are artistically assembled on classy dishware.

The upside: Who couldn’t use a few more greens in their diet? 

The downside: By the time you’re done assembling your salad, good luck finding yourself a seat next to your friends in the lunchroom.