Why Wednesday Assemblies?


Daniel Kalimi ’23

One major development that came with the advent of Zoom school is the addition of Wednesday assemblies. These gatherings are an opportunity to see what various people are doing during this pandemic and to hear from speakers from around the world. Whether it be a doctor fighting in the front lines to help save lives or an Israeli journalist and news reporter, these assemblies are a way for students to be more aware of what’s happening around the world in such bleak times. 

Ms. Krupka noted that “the administration thought it would be a good exposure to host people on the front lines of current events.” When asked how they found the speakers for the assemblies, Krupka responded that they spoke about the idea with the department chairs and several teachers suggested names of people they knew who would fit the criteria of what the administration wanted. For future assemblies, Ms. Krupka hopes to “leave more time for a Q&A at the end” and expressed that she is “curious about feedback from the students” to know what they enjoy and give them more of that. 

When asked for thoughts on the assemblies, an anonymous freshman stated, “Personally, I think the assemblies are nice because sometimes we get to hear from cool speakers. It is nice to hear different stories and learn about things we might not know about in today’s world, but the amount of assemblies we have per week is excessive because of how much work we are getting. They should be optional for students who want/have time to listen to them.” 

Overall, these meetings are a way for students to have a better grasp of what is taking place around the world and learn how unique people are operating during a time like this.