How Norma Tawil Gave A Basic Summer Meaning

Rachel Freilich ’22

Summer 2020 was not an anticipated few months. While some students went off to summer camp and others relaxed at home, Norma Tawil ’22 decided to find meaning in the desolate summer. With the help of her cousin, Norma Tawil started a healthy baking business, “The Healthier Alternative”, committed to creating healthy, yet tasteful desserts.

When asked what her inspiration was to start her baking business, Norma Tawil replied, “In quarantine last semesters, I really started baking at home. Then this past summer, I was in deal, New Jersey, as always, and I did some summer courses. After that, I had the second half of the summer to myself. My cousin and I, her name is also Norma, would bake together just for fun. Then one time, on my own, I came up with this awesome coconut sugar cookie recipe. I had the idea to start a business out of it because it was really just so delicious.” 

Norma Tawil also explained how her logo, a blue and pink background with a bowl and spoons, was produced. Tawil said, “My cousins and I found this website called Vistaprint, and I typed in baking and I got some really cute options for baking. It was a Saturday night and we were in a rush to start the business already. My cousin came up with the name.”

When asked when she realized that she wanted to start a baking business, Norma Tawil replied, “My mom always bought healthier things in our home like almonds milk, non dairy cheese, and stuff like that. So I had to learn how to get a healthy-ish taste.” Tawil also noted that over the summer, “The Healthier Alternative” made her feel purposeful. She said, “I think it definitely still makes me feel purposeful and productive a lot of the time, which is very important to me. I like to have things to do. It helps me stay organized and motivated. Also, it’s fun to have good tasting food or snacks at home.” 

Norma Tawil’s favorite dessert on the menu is the cinnamon almond flour snickerdoodle. She said, “It’s amazing and there’s a glaze made of coconut sugar, almond milk, and cinnamon.” Soon, Norma Tawil is releasing a chocolate brownie cookie and a five ingredient chocolate pumpkin spice muffin. Tawil added, “Everything is gluten free and dairy free organic kosher.”

To give it even more meaning, Norma Tawil hopes to donate some of the proceeds to charity. Tawil said, “ I’m going to find some cancer foundations to donate to and something that has to do with coronavirus because that’s significant. I hope I can inspire people or people can enjoy what I bake.” Norma Tawil definitely found purpose in her summer and hopes that she can inspire others with her healthy baking business.