Ramaz’s New Student Government


GO President Caitlin Levine ’21

Rebecca Kalimi '23

This year is bound to be completely different than last year, but not necessarily worse considering we have an amazing GO this year here to make the student experience better. These specific circumstances unfortunately bring a handful of restrictions. Although it’s seemingly bound to be a boring school year because of these restrictions, I’m sure our GO plans to make sure that is not the case. All the candidates this year were very invested in making sure we go back to normal as much as possible. 

 The president of the GO has extremely important jobs. The president is meant to represent the student body to the administration. The president is also supposed to manage, delegate, and oversee the GO Executive Board. Last year, our GO president, Ethan Morali, made school an amazing experience for us all. This year, Cailin Levine is taking his place. She was the Associate Vice President of Communications last year and was a vital part of the GO. Caitlin plans to integrate school spirit, bring back food (hopefully her famous coffee cart), and possibly organize trips and outdoor activities. I think we can all agree that she is going to do an amazing job representing us all and making sure we all have amazing school experiences. 

Last year, Ryan Leibowitz served as our Vice President of the GO. He assisted President Morali and the former GO board in all of the amazing activities they planned for us, This year, Caleb Rosenfeld, a junior, has taken his place. He served as the Sophomore class president last year and was able to get his grade lunch privileges early in the year. His job this year will be to assist the President and oversee all Class Presidents. He plans to help Grade presidents accomplish all their great ideas for their grades, just like he did. 

As I mentioned before, this past year, Caitlin Levine was the Associate Vice president of Communications, but Rachel Freilich has taken over her former position. Her job will be to manage all GO communications, photograph, and archive school events as well as manage the photography chair, and keep records of all GO and SFAC meetings.  Rachel was her Freshman class president and has countless useful ideas to make this year more interactive. 

Associate Vice President of Operations was Maxine Pravda’s role. She did an amazing job organizing a myriad of activities for our school. Her job was to manage and oversee non-board GO members and assist in keeping the GO organized. This year, we have Gabby Ostad as our new AVP of Operations. Gabby prides herself on being a team player. She values the importance of a team and plans on working with her fellow students to make this year be the best it can be. “As AVP of Operations I hope to create chair subcommittees so that more students can get involved in student government. With the current climate, I am excited to create new ways to unite the student body.”

 The last position on the GO is the Associate Vice President of Student Life. Last year Sophia Kremer filled this role. She was an advocate for school spirit and loved spirit night. Sophia served as AVP of Student Life for two consecutive years. Izzie Ottensoser is our new AVP of Student life. Her job will be to oversee all clubs in coordination with the director of programming and student life, to screen new club applications, manage club fair, oversee club presidents, and organize unscheduled B4 periods and special programs and trips. She wants to try to bring back sports, in a new way, to make sure all the students feel satisfied with their in-school activities. She knows that mental health is a huge concern right now and will try to “force the old ways into our new reality”. 

Overall, this year’s GO executive board members all have amazing ideas and intend for this year to be as normal and as fun as it can be, even under these bizarre circumstances.