Is Wearing College Apparel in School Insensitive?


2019 seniors sporting their college apparel on College Day.

Rebecca Kalimi ’23

Senior and junior year students can often be overwhelmed with both school work and applying to colleges. We can understand why it might be uncomfortable seeing college names everywhere.So the question is, should students stop wearing college apparel to school to be more sensitive to the upperclassmen?

The fact of the matter is that Ramaz is a private school, meaning it has the power to determine rules for student clothing. If Ramaz were to decide that the students shouldn’t wear college apparel to school anymore, because it is inconsiderate for Seniors, it would be understandable.

Taylor Roslyn ’23 said it’s okay for lower classmen to wear college apparel even if they aren’t even thinking about colleges yet, because they should “have their hopes up while they can.” She said that if she got rejected from a school and saw a sweatshirt with that school then it would hurt, but people’s clothing shouldn’t be censored because of her feelings. She definitely opposes the idea of college apparel being banned.

Adam Vasserman ’23 agreed with Taylor, saying that he doesn’t get offended at all when lowerclassmen wear college merchandise. He believes that most of Ramaz students already start thinking about college pretty early and start wearing college apparel. He also said that he truly thinks wearing college merch is a fashion statement, not a real statement about where someone is thinking about going to school. He said he never wore college apparel, mostly because he doesn’t shop for himself. “There is competition everywhere and we need to accept competition because there is competition in the real world as well, and that’s what’s awesome about Ramaz; it prepares us for the real world.”