The Ramaz Week in Review


Clemi Roth ’22

What started out as a “random idea” and “joke” quickly became a reality for three Ramaz students. The Ramaz Week in Review team consists of Caleb Rosenfeld ’22, the lead newscaster, Isabel Ottensoser ’22, the scriptwriter, and Adrian Rosenfeld ’25, the video editor.  Headed by Caleb Rosenfeld, the G.O. has been producing Ramaz Week in Review videos to casually communicate with the student body, sharing jokes, news, and essential updates. Each week the group uses their diverse skillsets to produce creative respite for the students. 

While brainstorming with the G.O., Vice President Caleb Rosenfeld suggested riffing off Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update by creating Ramaz Week in Review. He quickly volunteered to be the face of the Ramaz news. Many students would agree that Caleb’s charisma, enthusiasm, and outgoing nature can be felt through the screen. 

Isabel Ottensoser, the Associate Vice President of Student Life, has the important role of writing the script. Each week she collects information and writes the first draft. She then sends it to the G.O. group chat to see if  anyone has anything they want to add. Rabbi Dov Pianko then reviews the script and adds some comedic aspects. Isabel also takes photos throughout the week to incorporate them into the presentation. 

The Ramaz Week in Review finally comes together thanks to Adrian Rosenfeld ’24. When recording Caleb, Adrian makes sure his big brother looks good. He weaves together the many clips to make one seamless video while incorporating photos from the week. 

Furthermore, in order to maximize student participation in the community, the Ramaz Week in Review team has implemented a Ram of the Week initiative. Each week the students vote for a Ram of the week on the Ramaz GO’s Instagram. The student gets a prize from Rabbi Pianko and is given the honor of announcing the following Ram of the Week. Isabel shares that in addition to increased student involvement, Ram of the Week’s goal is to “make it an exciting experience for students watching”. 

Ramaz’s Week in Review has offered a unique opportunity for the Ramaz community to flourish despite the social distancing guidelines. It allows students to remain involved while being apart. Alex Freilich ’22 said that the Ramaz Week in Review “presents a nice opportunity to better appreciate the fun activities the school provides for us and acknowledge the Ram of the Week”. The Week in Review team along with the entire G.O. has done an amazing job creating an entertaining platform to share the news with students.