Commuting from Connecticut: Naomi Hanna ’23


Andrew Spielfogel ’23

Andrew Spielfogel: Can you please walk us through your daily commute?

Naomi Hanna: I commute from Stamford, Connecticut. Approximately an hour and forty-five minutes give or take. Last year I took the train and the subway. This year I take a bus so it’s a longer commute. Now it’s 2 hours.

AS: Do you have a routine on your way to school?

NH: I don’t commute with anyone in the morning just because the mornings are more individual; not everyone gets out at the same time. Routine wise, if I didn’t do some sort of homework the night before, I do that on my way to school. I sleep a lot too.

AS: How many buses does it take to get to school?

NH: This year, I take a school-provided bus that goes to Westchester and then goes to the city. Just one bus. But if I am taking public transportation like the train, then it will be the actual train to Grand Central, and then the subway from Grand Central to 77th.

AS: How are you able to manage your work when you are spending four hours a week commuting?

NH: It is exhausting, very much so. I’ve been better at managing my work, because I’ve found ways to maximize my time by doing my work to and from school. That’s a big help now. If there’s a project I get it done over the weekend in advance so I don’t have to worry about it during the week. But, waking up really early and getting home late and then having after school activities, and homework and tests it is exhausting. 

AS: Do you have any message to a prospective Ramaz student who would have a far commute?

NH: The biggest message is that you get used to it. It is challenging and it is a routine that you do have to continuously get used to. You just have to get used to waking up really early and getting home really late. You figure out times to fit in any work during any break that comes up. Doing homework and studying during frees is always helpful. Just make sure to maximize your time.

AS: Have you seen anything interesting on your way to school? Anything fun or exciting?

NH: Nothing fun. I have seen some interesting people is the best way to put it. Not a lot of interesting things I guess. I feel like if you live in the city and constantly take the subway, you see interesting things constantly. Nothing too special.