“Clue” Takes Zoom


Rebecca Kalimi ’23

Ramaz has been trying to keep up with all the new technological advancements this year, and students are preparing an online play to present to the student body! This year’s play is “Clue,” based on the 1985 movie. 

Rehearsals this academic year are solely on Zoom. This affects the cast’s camaraderie, as it is difficult to bond over computer screens, and become a “family” as casts often do. There is no in-person rehearsal, or any filming together. Regarding the production of a virtual play, each cast member will film their scenes individually, with guidance from Jason, the director, and Mati Finkelstein ’22, the filmographer. The filming will be similar to how television shows are created, where actors can take live direction and re-record lines if needed. Conveying emotion to the audience will be especially difficult this year, not only because of the virtual component, but because “Clue” is a comedy. As a whole, “Clue” will be more of a movie than a play. Assistant Student Director Eliana Sobel ’22 said that “despite the challenges, it’s still so fun to keep the theater spark alive and continue doing what the rest of my castmates and I love to do: acting.” 

It seems like Ramaz students have a lot to look forward to for “Clue.” Students will hopefully all love what the actors and crew are preparing because they are working really hard on their parts. Although the actors might not get to have the same experience they would have had if the circumstances were different, it is still fascinating to anticipate this year’s play. Last year’s “Hairspray” was a hit with most Ramaz students and we’re all excited to see this year’s “show.”