The Return of Lockers


Jordana Stonehill’24 and Noya Berrebi ’24 enjoying their lockers. (Photos courtesy of Noyah Misaghi ’24)

Molly Hiltzik ’24

One of the many changes that Covid-19 has caused at Ramaz this school year includes a temporary elimination of lockers. During the first six-weeks of school, students were schlepping textbooks, Judaic studies books, and lunches throughout the day. Students suffered from poor posture and daily backaches. Anna Bentolila ’24 commented, “My back was killing me when I got home from school because I had to hold so many books all at once.” The administration ultimately decided that lockers were a necessity and assigned them to students. In addition, this year, students were assigned lockers based on the floors to which their grades were designated. Ms. Krupka said, “Once we realized that the number of students in the building, and spacing the lockers, could work, then we went ahead and did it!” 

While it was thoughtful of the administration to give lockers to the students, book storage is complicated this year. The hybrid schedule forces students to bring home all their belongings from their lockers every school day to work at home virtually the following day. Many students find it easier to use their lockers for their coats, lunches, or heavy textbooks daily. Most students are not using their lockers to pick up and drop off class-related materials throughout the day. 

Lockers used to be a place where students would congregate and hangout between classes, but now Covid-19 restrictions have put a stop to that. Locker areas are quieter and much less crowded now. Overall, lockers have made aspects of school life a bit more convenient this year.