Commuting: Interview with Max Halaas ’23

Daniel Kalimi '23

Ramaz attracts students from around the tristate area to locals on the Upper East side and neighboring states like Connecticut and New Jersey. Although there are a few students who can get to school quickly, most of the student body has a long commute to and from school. Students come from various cities and states to come to Ramaz for high school, which makes for a lot of long and interesting commutes. One student who commutes to school is Max Halaas. Haalas ’23 is a sophomore who went to Westchester Day School for middle school and came to Ramaz for high school. 


Daniel Kalimi: Where do you live?

Maxim Halaas: Scarsdale, New York.

DK: How do you get to school?

MH: Last year, before Corona, I took the train to school, but because of Corona my sister now drives me.

DK: How long did it take you to get to school last year?

MH: It varies, but it was usually around an hour and twenty minutes

DK: How long is your commute this year now that you are going by car?

MH: Around the same time, an hour and twenty minutes. 

DK: Why don’t you take the Scarsdale school bus in the morning?

MH: I leave my house every morning at seven while the bus would pick me up much earlier. I prefer to get more sleep and go with my sister than go on the bus.

DK: What do you do during your commute?

MH: Eat breakfast, sleep, and listen to music.

DK: What would you do if your sister couldn’t drive you to school?

MH: I guess I’d have to wake up earlier and take the bus. 

DK: What time do you wake up on days where you have in-person school?

MH: I wake up at  6:30 A.M

DK:What time do you go to sleep?

MH: On zoom days I usually do all of my work early and I sometimes go to sleep at around 7:30. On in-school days I get home late so I usually go to sleep around 11:30.