April Crossword


Isaac Silverman '21


1. Classes the second semester of senior year

2. Group of people Ramaz students protested for outside the UN to show support for them

3.Where the senior trip is likely taking place this year

4. The day all four grades came into school at once (and probably Rabbi Weiser’s favorite day of the year)

7. The state almost everyone went to for Pesach break (but definitely not Dr. Jucovy since he’s never been there)

9. Ms. Litwack’s teaching style


3. Age of Israel this year

5. The country which seniors usually go to on their senior trip

6. Health Organization in charge of national Covid guidelines

8. College board tests being mainly offered online at Ramaz this year

10. Storytelling project

11. Dr. Rotenberg posts on Schoology everyday reminding students to count the _____