Saba’s Pizza


Eric Kalimi ’22

Because of the close proximity to the school building, Saba’s Pizza is Ramaz’s go-to restaurant for teachers and students. They offer a wide variety of pizzas, garlic knots, french fries, pasta, and beverages. Since students frequently go to Saba’s during free periods and after school, Ramaz students receive a special 10% student discount. William Schwartz ‘22 goes to the restaurant whenever he has the ability to leave for lunch. He said: “I appreciate the quality of Saba’s slices, but their specialty slices are even better.” 

In a poll, students responded to questions about their pizza preferences, usage of the discount, and overall opinion about the venue. Two-thirds of the students prefer specialty slices or toppings over a plain slice. This reflects what William said about specialty versus regular slices; students prefer more elaborate slices than a plain pizza. The most popular topping among Ramaz students is olives, closely followed by mushrooms and penne. Five percent of students prefer Saba’s Kosher pepperoni slice. Students were also asked which spices they liked to add to their pizza, and the results were very close. Ramaz students use Red pepper flakes and oregano most frequently, closely followed by garlic. Only 11% of people choose to have their pizza without any spices. A third of the students always take advantage of the special Ramaz discount while another third never use it. 

Overall, students ranked Saba’s pizza an average of 7½ out of 10. Ramaz students and faculty are very fortunate to have a well-liked pizza restaurant so close to the school (with a special discount).