Ramaz Essential Workers


Eric Kalimi ’22

After several months of a closed school building since the outbreak of Covid-19, in-person classes resumed in the building. The building that reopened this September looks incredibly different from the building that closed last year. Ramaz’s essential workers had to adapt to the unprecedented circumstances to open school safely and successfully. Here are some of the many dedicated staff who worked tirelessly to keep Ramaz functioning during the pandemic.


Mr. Cito Alicea

Mr. Alicea is the Upper School superintendent and a part of the maintenance department. Considering safety concerns for the coronavirus, numerous changes to the school have made this year more difficult. Desks needed to be set up differently; rooms had to be made Zoom capable; sanitization became a top priority. Working through the new circumstances, Mr. Alicea still finds time to catch up with students to discuss current events or life. Mr. Alicea said, “The virus attacked us, as a family. It’s enlightening to take a step back to reevaluate our values of community. Work is work, but it’s always easier together.”


Mr. Dwight Johnson

As a member of the building’s security, Mr. Johnson greets students and other staff members on their way in and out of the building with a smile. He and the rest of the security team constantly monitor and protect the Ramaz buildings from outside harm. With hybrid schooling, half of the students are in the building, but Mr. Johnson and the rest of the team are still hard at work. He said, “It’s a unique experience but we’re maintaining and doing the best we can. I think ultimately, we will reach our goals [in health, safety, and well-being].”


Nurse Nechama Moskowitz

Because of the Covid safety precautions, Nurse Nechama has had to play a much more public role in helping run the school. In the morning, she comes in early since she has to verify that all the students are clear to enter the school building. Nurse Nechama also contacts parents to make sure it is safe for students to come to school after vacations, quarantines, and every day. The Ramaz Upper School has her to thank for making sure that students and faculty stay safe from coronavirus.