CDC Guidelines & Ramaz Policies


The New York State department of Health says “all unvaccinated domestic travelers…are recommended… to self quarantine for 7 days if tested on day 3-5, otherwise 10 days.” Roey Denti ’24 stated “I  think that we don’t need to quarantine the 10 days. We just need to wait 3 days and come back with a negative corona test”.  Some students agree with Roey. For some reason, some in the student body do not know the correct CDC guidelines and believe that only 3-4 days of quarantine and a negative Corona test is needed. The correct guidelines give the option for a 7 day quarantine and a negative test or just 10 days of quarantine. Nurse Nechama Moskowitz stated in an interview, “Ramaz chose 10 days without a test because we wanted to be more careful, but it was recommended by the New York state advisory. We didn’t pull it out of the air, it is one of their recommendations.”

One junior said, “Ramaz is being more strict than the CDC.” In the end of the day, Ramaz is following CDC guidelines and doing their best to keep the student body safe. Nurse Moskowits continued by saying “We have also found many cases within our student body from travel.” 

Raquel Dahan ’24 agreed with the Ramaz health advisory board, saying, “I think it’s very good their taking precautions, but I agree with their following of  the CDC.”  One student recommended that the school should create an informational session explaining their precautions: “I think that it makes sense but it’s also very difficult to learn on Zoom while everyone else is in school, even more than when everyone is on Zoom. I think that after big breaks the entire school should be on Zoom to make it easier for those who traveled,” he said. There is a lot of misinformation on this subject and mixed views.