Seniors ’21: Thanks for the Memories….



Isaac Silverman: That everyone was really nice and friendly, especially when we went to Central Park and did all those team-building activities. 

Hannah Dubroff: That everyone was really fun!


Aaron Sokol: Saul Tawil giving me a black eye at freshman year Shabbaton. 

Jake Slochowsky: When we were playing belts one time, belts is the game where you have two belts and you can only take one step between the two belts and you need to get to the other side. And the game gets crazy as you move the second belt further and further and people are leaping like crazy! And I remember what happened was that the bottom of my shoe actually broke or came off. Belts has a nice space in my heart. We played it on Shabbaton all together. 

Isaac Silverman: In Dov’s freshman JLT class. I made a bet with Jules that he couldn’t get over a 90 on the test and if he did I would get a tie with his face on it. As you all probably know, I had to wear a tie with his face on it fora few months. That was really really fun. That was when Jules and my friendship really started. 

Rebecca Massel: Watching Abe, Jacob, and Akiva perform Dr. Gaylord’s Wuthering Heights dance in 10th grade. 

Ita Newman-Getzler: How we would always hang out together on Shabbatons and retreat, especially the night before the sleepover part when we would be in the room together 

talking. It was always a lot of fun!

Yonah Taragin: The dinner!! The dinner was always super fun!

Maya Chaovat: Junior retreat. Something about it was different in the best way possible.

William Kremer: Junior Shabbaton. It was insane! I don’t know what it was.

Charles Spielfogel: My favorite Shabbaton memory is junior retreat and having s’mores outside in the freezing cold after Shabbat.

Chai Katz: During Dr. Bernstein’s class, I went to the “bathroom” (for quite some time, he wasn’t so pleased), but I was in the lounge. Spencer Rubenstein scores to win the game. The lounge goes crazy! I’m all over the place, pushing, shoving, 

falling on the floor. Best moment maybe of my life!

Josh Rubinchik: My best memory was maybe in LA and Spencer Rubenstein hit a game winner and we saw the video of everyone in the lounge going crazy. It was pretty dope!

Avigail Asraf and Emily Mullakadov: Our funniest high school experience was getting locked out of our rooms on junior retreat and not having a place to sleep. We slept on a chair!

Michal Seinfeld: One of my favorite memories of our grade was on junior retreat when one of the buses wasn’t working and the entire grade had to squish onto one bus.

Spencer Rubenstein: My favorite memory was spending time with friends on the last day of school.


Jacob Davis: The baseball team!

Liora Kassman: Taking naps in the library.

Moise Khafif: The lounge on the sixth floor. Ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade – those were crazy!

Arielle Butman: Hanging out with everyone on the terrace.

Aaron Zanger: The three Model UN conferences I went to with the Model UN team. The people you meet there are truly special people and not people you typically meet at Ramaz.

Rebecca Massel: Hanging out with friends between classes, getting coffee or frozen yogurt during lunch, and getting distracted while studying in the library!

Gabby Ostad: Spending time together on Shabbaton and singing Shabbat songs. And, our last day of school party was so much fun!

Ita Newman-Getzler: Seeing people all the time – going to school and seeing people in the hallways and having conversations, or when I had work to do during or after school and would run into people in the library or in the lounge. I would always get distracted and not do my work for the whole period! 

Adam Vasserman: The Westchester squad!

Keren Kubersky: Commuting and going to Juice Press.

Guy Bacalu: The grade!

Caitlin Levine: The simple pleasures that Ramaz has to offer – the time in the lounge with friends, pizza and cookies on Friday, and clubs after school.

Maya Chaovat: Seeing everyone every day in school. I think we have all grown a lot since freshman year and it’s really crazy to see.

David Gerber: Every second and every hour I was in that building on 78th Street. From the bottomless mash potatoes at lunches to the cookies and pizza on Fridays to the hangouts with the boys. I’m so thankful for the friendships I made that will last a lifetime and the connections and valuable lessons I learned that I will carry on for the rest of my life!