Meet Your New GO


Yona Weinstock, President

As the GO president, I want to make next year an amazing year. This year was extremely limited, and as President, I hope to give every grade several opportunities to make up for lost time, and make more memories as a grade. My favorite part of Ramaz is the community. Your grade provides you with life long friends, and ramaz provides you with a larger community which spans generations. It gives you connections to all different types of people, and anywhere you go you are bound to find somebody who went to Ramaz and have an instant connection with them.

Izzie Ottensoser, Vice President

As vice president, I hope to give the students a voice and make the student experience better for everyone!! My favorite thing about the school being in nyc and relationships i’ve developed with the teachers.

Rachel Freilich, Associate Vice President of Communications

This year I want make sure that I advocate for the student body in every situation! It’s important for the students to feel that someone is listening to them and helping them have the best and most productive year. My favorite things about Ramaz are my amazing friends and the close community Ramaz creates.

Norma Mattout, Associate Vice President of Student Life

I want the students at Ramaz feel comfortable voicing their opinions to me or anyone else on the GO. More importantly, I don’t want their voices to go unheard. My goal is simply to create an environment where everyone is comfortable speaking up enjoying every minute they are in school.

Alex Paul, Junior Vice President

As the junior vice president, I want to enrich the student experience both by adding exciting and fun things to every day student life along with keeping the GO organized and running smoothly! My favorite thing about Ramaz (besides my friends 🙂 ) is the school spirit!! I love going to home games and seeing everyone dressed in blue and yellow.