Competitive Sports are Back!


Though Ramaz has been able to provide after-school athletics since the start of second semester, there have not been any games or leagues with other schools– until now. 

Tennis, baseball, and track are among the sports returning this spring to play other schools competitively. This year’s sophomores, who hardly got a taste of Ramaz’s spring sports, are especially excited to finally be able to experience what it means to be on a Ramaz team. Last school year, when in-person learning morphed into zooming from home, sports seasons faced an abrupt ending. However, after months of social distancing and hybrid learning, the Rams are thankful to say that competitive sports are back!

One person who’s especially excited that competitive sports have returned is Ms. Cohen. She eagerly stated that tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, track, table tennis, and soccer are all returning. However, there are caveats that come with the return of these sports. According to Ms. Cohen, the Department of Health (DOH) gives periodic check-ins, and they gave the green light to play “low to moderate risk sports” just recently. 

Ramaz sports aren’t just about the game. Many students say that belonging to a Ramaz team is equivalent to belonging to a family. The teamwork that sports require creates ample opportunities for friendship to grow. “Baseball has given me the ability to make friends in a bunch of different grades, and it was really great to have it as a part of my Ramaz experience.” said Simeon Dicker ‘21. So, when sports were cancelled, many students, especially underclassmen, missed out on the opportunity to make those new friends. 

Michael Pagovich ‘22, another member of the baseball team, was thrilled about sports returning. “This is a first step towards getting back to normal and a chance to bond again with friends and teammates,” he said. Michael enjoyed his experience on the baseball team freshman year and is hyped to be getting back on the field.

EJ Singer ‘22, a member of the tennis team since his freshman year, felt similarly. “It shows that life is finally getting back to normal,” he said. With vaccination rates among students growing, he’s ready for a full year of sports next year. 

As seen by her frequent Schoology posts, Ms. Cohen is loving the return of sports. According to Ms. Cohen, tennis, basketball, and volleyball are the most popular sports. She encourages freshmen to try out for a sport, as she says it’s a great way to meet new people and “enriches the Ramaz student experience.” 

All in all, competitive sports are a crucial and appreciated part of Ramaz that students are incredibly happy to see back. “When sports were cancelled due to covid, it was almost suffocating, because I didn’t have somewhere to escape to, and I didn’t have that break to free myself from the stress of life” says Eliza Binstock ’23. Now that they’re back, students have regained both their stress outlet and a place to cultivate friendships. Go Rams!