New Administration and the G.O.


Andrew Spielfogel ’23

The G.O. is in the process of planning a great assortment of events and activities for the new school year. Will it be more difficult for them to work without a principal? Will the G.O successfully work with the new administration team? Will the G.O. manage covid contingencies now that the entire student body will be present on 78th street five days a week? And finally, will the iconic G.O. distribution of Monday Mincha Muffins return?

Since Rabbi Stochel left Ramaz this summer and the leadership team has changed, the G.O.’s relationship with the administration will most likely change. When asked about the effect of the absence of a principal on the work of G.O. members, Junior Vice President Alex Paul ‘23 answered that not much has changed so far. Although the G.O. is not sure how their work will change, G.O. members are certain that they will continue to try to make Ramaz more enjoyable for students, regardless of who constitutes the administration. 

G.O. members plan to bring ideas to the administration as they have done in the past. JVP Paul ’23 said that “the G.O. won’t make any less of a point to make Ramaz more fun, even with a new administration. We will work very hard the same way that the G.O. worked with them before. Even with the new situation, we will still be able to make this school year more fun and make being a student at Ramaz an even more enjoyable experience than it already is.” Working with different administrators is an opportunity for the G.O. to experience working with a different type of administrative team.

Even without a principal to spearhead all operations, the G.O. can still work as liaisons between the students and administration. President Yona Weinstock ’22 said, “The way we do our jobs will stay the same, but the way we execute things and who we talk to for certain things will be different without the traditional administrative hierarchy.” Without a principal, G.O. members will have to develop new relationships with administrators. Although G.O. members change every year, Rabbi Dov Pianko is the one constant in the student activities department. Perhaps Rabbi Dov will help establish a bridge between the G.O. and the administration.

Though the G.O. managed to plan school trips and fun activities last year, it is questionable whether this could be pulled off as covid rates increase. As of now, students at Ramaz are required to be three feet apart and wear masks. The G.O. is hopeful that the school will be able to participate in activities and events that they plan, but as the covid situation changes, they will adjust their plans as needed. JVP Paul ’23 said, “No matter what happens with covid, we will not stop planning events and trying to make being a student at Ramaz incredibly enjoyable. Expect exciting things planned for this year even with covid.” 

The G.O. has already contributed in the planning of grade-wide Shabbatonim and a Central Park trip. As for the rest of the activities planned, the G.O. would like to keep them as a surprise! Although the new administration and covid could impose challenges on the G.O.’s plans, this dedicated group of students aim to improve the lives of the student body just as it has done in the past.