Meet the Editors!


Dear reader,

We are thrilled to be your Rampage editors this year! Together with our talented and diligent team, we will work to produce engaging, thought-provoking, and intriguing issues each month. We hope to produce a newspaper which reflects the real opinions and perspectives of our student body. In addition to our fascinating paper newspaper, we have a website in which we will post articles, photos, and broadcasts. Stay tuned for our next issue and check out our website in the meantime!

– Julia, Nicole, and Sydney

What are you most excited about working on The Rampage this year?

SE: I am most excited about working with our team of writers. As an underclassmen who wrote for The Rampage, one of my favorite parts was learning from upperclassmen, and improving my writing and journalism skills. Additionally, being involved in The Rampage throughout high school has given me an outlet to express my thoughts and I have enjoyed writing for The Rampage very much. I hope to guide underclassmen toward reaching their goals as writers, interviewers, and journalists, and also toward enjoying the process. I hope our team will have in-person meetings to collaborate with each other and converse about interesting topics.

NH: I’m looking forward to making The Rampage more current, and utilizing The Rampage website more often— so keep your eyes peeled!

JF: I am super excited to work with the entire team and edit everyone’s articles this year. I have been on The Rampage throughout all my years in high school, but I’ve always been on the other side of the process – whether writing articles or laying out the paper. I can’t wait for this year’s amazing publications and for what we have in store. 

What did you do over the summer?

SE: I went on an Israel program this summer. On the trip, we traveled throughout Israel, starting in the North and ending in the South. My favorite activity was snorkeling in Eilat! It was wonderful to return to Israel after not being there for a while and after our year-and-a-half experience with the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to be on a teen program this past summer.

NH: I went to Israel on a BBYO Passport trip for three weeks! I traveled all over the country with a group of teens and was lucky enough to experience a lot of unique experiences.

JF: This summer I had the amazing opportunity of going on an Israel program with my co-editor Sydney! We travelled all throughout Israel with our Ramah Seminar friends and visited numerous new and exciting places. I especially enjoyed visiting the south – even though it was over 100 throughout most of the day!

What is your favorite tradition or aspect of Ramaz?

SE: My favorite tradition at Ramaz is Shabbaton. During grade-wide Shabbatons, we spend Shabbat in a hotel with our peers and teachers, and have the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company without stresses related to school work. I know that my grade always feels more cohesive and bonded after a Shabbaton. 

NH: I love Sukkot at Ramaz— that we all get to celebrate and eat together in the sukkah on the third floor terrace. Second place: Ramaz chocolate chip cookies/Monday Mincha Muffins/lunches. I think everyone is happy to have them back this year.

JF: School-wide retreat is my favorite part of the Ramaz school year. I love spending time with my friends and teachers outside of the classroom and bonding as a community. I always have the best time go-karting, bungee jumping, boating, and playing sports at Camp Kaylie. 

Favorite ice cream flavor?

SE: My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate! I like any ice cream flavor with a chocolate base.

NH: Definitely vanilla chocolate chip.

JF: I’d have to agree with Nicole – I’m more of a vanilla person. I also love rainbow sprinkles!

Fun fact about yourself?

SE: One fun fact about myself is that I wear one contact lense. I am not sure if that fact is fun but it is the truth. 

NH: This is embarrassing, but I’m actually really scared of escalators. 

JF: If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life it would be cereal and milk.