Q&A: Getting to Know Ms. Claire Maussion, World Languages


Juliette Goodstein '25

Ms. Claire Maussion is the newest faculty member to join the world languages department. Ms. Maussion teaches first, second, and third year French to the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades. She loves spending time with her daughter, swimming, and watching Netflix. She is excited to be teaching in person this year and being able to interact with students again.

Juliette Goodstein: Where are you from?

Ms. Claire Maussion: I’m from Paris.

JG: Is French your first language? 

CM: Yes.

JG: How long have you been living in New York?

CM: It will be seven years in January. So, almost seven years.

JG: Tell me about your family. 

CM:Well, I’m married and I have a daughter who is going to be one at the end of October. I live with them in New York. And the rest of my family is living in France. I have two sisters, one brother, and my parents who all live in the Paris region. 

JG: What did you study in college?

CM: I studied French literature and comparative literature.

JG: How did you decide to become a teacher? 

CM: I love to transmit my passion for the French language and French literature to students so that’s why I chose to become a teacher. 

JG: What is your favorite part about teaching?

CM: I like having students who really love French and it’s very rewarding when they are able to actually interact in French. I love when they go to France or when they meet French people, and then they come back and tell me “I was able to talk to a friend I made in France” – that’s just very rewarding.

JG: What did you do before you came to Ramaz? Did you teach anywhere else?

CM: For the past few years I was teaching French for a non-profit that teaches French to kids in New York Public schools.

JG: What is one fun fact about yourself?

CM: I can juggle with fire. I’m not an expert but I did 

it once.

JG: What do you hope to bring to Ramaz?

CM: I hope to bring a little bit of the French culture to Ramaz; a little bit of the French touch.

JG: What are you most excited for this year?

CM: I am excited about teaching in-person because there is nothing like interacting directly with the students.