The Annual Ramaz Shakespeare Competition Takes Place Live


Caleb Rosenfeld ’22 performing in the Shakespeare Competition.

Nicole Hirschkorn '22

On January 3rd, students filed into the auditorium to watch Ramaz’s annual Shakespeare Competition, a tradition that has prevailed for decades. According to the rules of the contest, competitors must recite a monologue from one of Shakespeare’s texts by heart, and convey an understanding of the performed text.

While attending the performance, students were served with a variety of refreshments, including different types of cookies, fruits, and soft drinks. A buzz of excitement filled the air as the student body watched their friends and classmates become the character they portrayed. Tova Solomons ’23 performed a scene from Henry VI, Part 3, Alex Paul ’23 performed a scene from Romeo and Juliet, Arava Chaiken ’25 performed a scene from Julius Cesar, Caleb Rosenfeld ’22 performed a scene from Twelfth Night, and Eric Kalimi ’22 performed a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

“I really enjoyed watching my classmates perform their scenes,” said Ron Alweiss ’22. “It was fun to watch them delve into their roles. I liked the dramatic aspects. Competitions like these are what makes Ramaz unique in its celebration of the arts and drama.”

After the performances, the English department, which took on the role of competition judges, left the room to deliberate. Students chatted eagerly and nervously, anxious for the results to be revealed. When Dr. Honig, who organized the competition, announced the winners, everyone applauded. Tova Solomons ’23 won first place and Alex Paul ’23 won as a runner-up. 

“Competing in the competition was a unique and positive experience,” said Eric Kalimi ’22. “I like trying new things, and competing was a step outside of my comfort zone.”

Overall, the competition was an enjoyable way for students to support their classmates and a much-needed break from class. The Ramaz community wishes the winners of the competition luck as they prepare for the next part of the competition, which will take place online as a part of the New York City Branch.