Ramaz Community Assists Bronx Fire Victims


Sylvie Pagovich '25

Donations for Bronx fire victims donated by the Ramaz community, displayed in the Upper School auditorium.

On January 9, a fire broke at Twin Park Towers in the Bronx. The fire was caused by a space heater malfunctioning, affecting many people. 17 people died; many people were injured and lost their possessions. This was one of the deadliest fires that has happened in New York in a while, and many people lost their homes and belongings. 

To help the Bronx community, Ramaz instructed students to bring in donations. Students brought in new coats, clothes, hats, gloves, toilet paper and so much more. There were boxes in the lobby where students placed all these items. Many students brought in a lot of stuff to support the victims of the fire and help them. There were many bags full of donations in the lobby that students had brought in to help the victims of this fire. Students showed their support to these victims and helped them get back up on their feet. They showed that they will be there to help and support the Bronx. By just bringing in a few donations, students helped change the lives of many people who lost everything.

A few days later, a few students and teachers delivered these items to the Bronx. They had truckloads of clothes, shoes and food. They went to meet with community leaders of the Bronx and show their support. They let the Bronx know that Ramaz is always here to support them. Ramaz showed their support to the Bronx and gave students an opportunity for chesed. Ramaz has helped these people get on with their lives again after this devastating fire. Ramaz has helped these people move forward and has given them back some of what they lost.