The Nutrition Club: A Q&A With Eva Fischer ’23

The Nutrition Club: A Q&A With Eva Fischer ’23

Rebecca Silber ’23

Rebecca Silber: Briefly describe your club. What do you do? What’s your goal? 

Eva Fischer: In the nutrition club, we aim to talk about how to maintain a healthy diet — specifically which foods you should or shouldn’t eat. Our goal is to encourage Ramaz students, who are always preoccupied with schoolwork, to take some time and focus on their physical well being. Maintaining a healthy diet will help students in all realms of life (yes — even performing well on tests), and it is not something that should be overlooked. 

RS: Does anyone run the club with you? If so, who? 

EF: Yes, Eliana Davidson ’23 and I run the club together.  

RS: When and why did you two decide to start this club?

EF: In early November, Eliana and I were talking about healthy eating after health class, and she came up with the idea of starting a nutrition club here at Ramaz. We both thought it would be super fun and a great way to encourage healthy eating habits throughout the student body. 

RS: Who is your faculty advisor?

EF: Ms. Dreisinger.

RS: How often does your club meet? How many meetings have you had? 

EF: We plan to meet around once every two weeks, but sadly we haven’t had any meetings yet. We were supposed to have a nutritionist named Ms. Zohm come in and speak to the club on December 13th , but unfortunately she was exposed to Covid, so we had to cancel. 

RS: Do you plan on rescheduling with Ms. Zohm? If not, what other meeting ideas do you guys have in mind for the future? 

EF: We are planning on rescheduling for sometime in the future, but we don’t have a set date yet. For future meetings, we are planning on having more nutritionists come and speak to the club, in order to get multiple perspectives on the basics of how to eat healthy. We are excited for this year!