Juniors Need Full Privileges


The junior and senior classes receive “privileges” in school, meaning they could exit and enter the building during the school day. Privileges are often used to buy lunch, to get coffee, or to take a walk for some fresh air. While the senior class has privileges every day, the junior class only receives privileges twice a week; at the beginning of the school year, it was once a week! What has the junior class done to deserve this poor treatment? They are upperclassmen!

I believe that juniors should have full privileges like the seniors do. The junior class is known throughout the school to be very responsible, and there have not been any complaints concerning the ways they have been handling their current privileges. Junior privilege days were originally just on Thursdays, and according to Ms. Bernfeld, they were extended to Mondays as the juniors have been returning to class after exiting the building on time. If the juniors are clearly aware that they are only permitted to leave the building during free periods and lunch, and they have been returning to class before the bell, then why not grant juniors full privileges!

Additionally, there are many juniors like myself who do not enjoy the school lunch. While there is a variety of lunch options at school, some students simply prefer to buy lunch at the local kosher restaurants and supermarkets. There is an abundance of kosher places to choose from, such as Tomer’s, Tamam, Sabas, and more. If a junior is craving one of these options one day, why should he not be allowed to go there? The junior class is responsible enough to make it back to class on time, and if they are in the mood for a treat during the day, they should be allowed to get it.

Finally, the junior class is arguably the most stressed-out class in the Upper School. There are constant tests, essays, projects, homework assignments, and such. During winter break, I had an abundance of assignments to complete, such as a Talmud paper, three History sources to read for my upcoming paper, a math test and physics to study for, ACT practice tests to complete, and Hebrew Homework! Is this not supposed to be a vacation!? Especially since there are no free periods during the school week to complete this load of work, the juniors would appreciate having the freedom to leave the school building during the day to destress. Having good mental health is extremely important, and permitting a very stressed out grade to have access to fresh air during the day would be beneficial.

The administration should give juniors full privileges as they are mature, responsible, and tired.