Students Have A Voice


Sylvie Pagovich '25

The Ramaz Administration actively makes decisions to improve student life at school. They discuss amongst themselves and decide what’s best for the students. The administration consists of a few faculty members who make the decisions about whether the school stays open during the pandemic, or a decision about everyday life at Ramaz. 

As students, we must comply with the decisions they make, whether or not we like them. The decisions are meant to improve the lives of the students at Ramaz, but we don’t always feel that way. The Administration works at Ramaz, but they don’t have to study and stress about matters that students obsess over. Students are the most affected by the decisions made by the Administration, as it is affecting our school experience. Students should have a say in the decisions the administration makes. 

Students are constantly doing work, whether it is studying for a test or doing homework. What makes school exciting for me is coming in everyday and having a good experience from having fun with friends to excelling in my classes. This experience is a part of what helps me get out of bed in the morning and stay awake during school. The Administration makes the decisions that are going to affect that experience. The Administration should ask and consult with students more before making these decisions. These decisions affect our daily lives and we deserve to have an effect on them. 

The Administration tries to make decisions for our benefit, but students should still be able to share their opinion. Students feel the impact of these decisions the most, so we feel a connection to them. We understand that these are important decisions that will make our experience at this school better and more enjoyable. Consulting with students more will make us more active in the school and will give the administration a better understanding of us, which will help them make decisions for our benefit. 

If the Administration does turn to students and ask us more before making decisions, it will make us feel more a part of the school as well as feel more accomplished. The decisions that are made will want to be followed and students will feel more content with them.