Ram It Up Ramaz!


Ramaz Middle School students participating in Color War.

Show up. Show up for your school. In recent years, the Administration has resisted bringing back Color War – a school-wide event that promotes ruach and school pride – because many students skip out on school during the festivities. Some students view the time off from the heavy Ramaz workload as an opportunity to miss school. This reason, among others, has led the administration to do away with the fun school wide activity. However, we want Color War so what’s the solution? 

How do we get Color War back? We have to show up because color war is more than just a day or two to dress up in monochrome tones and compete against the other grades. I strongly believe Ramaz should bring back Color War because it will amplify our school spirit and unify the student body through engaging activities. I can confidently say that color war was one of the highlights of my four years in middle school. Color War is a special experience because of the vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, it is healthy to change our everyday routines and come to school for a different purpose. This change will allow students to be relieved of their pressures related to schoolwork and will enhance students’ relationship with school. 

Picture this: students and teachers arriving at school with the intent to be involved and enthusiastic, decked out in colors supporting their team. Students will celebrate Ramaz’s values by singing emotional songs with their team that emulate a connection to Judaism and causing nostalgia for all the fun times they have had this year. It would be an unforgettable chance for students to bring their all to every activity and ultimately, have a blast while bringing ruach to the school. I think the entire student body would love to bring back the tradition of Color War. I asked some peers how they felt about color war and if they wanted to bring it back. All of them crave Color War and only had positive things to say about it. The playful competitiveness, spirit, dedication, chaos, excitement and above all, the ruach all make Color War such a desirable experience.