The Freshman Moth: A Storytelling Event


Lindsey Feit '25

Each grade has their own Moth event, in which students volunteer to tell funny, emotional and even embarrassing stories. All stories are told unscripted, without notes or presentation; the only way to prepare is to practice before the real event. Ms. Litwack hosted two pre-Moth meetings during which the storytellers shared their stories and then recommended feedback to one another. 

The name “Moth” for the club originated from a group of people sitting on the porch of the novelist George Dawes Green’s house. To their surprise, many moths were attracted to the porch lights above and swarmed around them as they continued to tell their improvised stories, hence the name, Moth. 

The participants of the Freshman Moth, hosted by Ms. Litwack on February 16th, chose the theme, “Common Senses,” as a play on words. The storytellers could choose to either incorporate one of the five senses, a moment when they lacked common sense, or both into their stories. Each of the eleven freshmen storytellers interpreted the topic in different ways; some spoke about hearing aids or glasses while others spoke about situations in which their senses were heightened.Many students in the audience were captivated by the compelling stories told by their own classmates. 

Teachers attended the Moth as well, discovering new layers to their students that they had never known before. Micole Friedman, a freshman storyteller explained, “I loved moth so much because I learned a lot about my classmates and I got to share a story of my own that I connect to and hope inspires others. I am looking forward to next Moth!”