Students Welcome in New G.O.


The new G.O for next year has many good ideas for next year and is motivated to carry them out. The president is Ilan Puterman ’23. The vice president is Alex Paul ’23. The Junior Vice President is Raymond Ashkenazie ’24. The Associate Vice President of Communications is Eliza Binstock ’23. The Associate Vice President of Student Life is Alex Gage ’23. The G.O has already started to carry out their promises to improve the school and got printers for everyone. 

Ilan Puterman, the President, wants to make Ramaz a happier place for all the students. He will work with other members of the G.O to improve school spirit. Ilan has many new ideas for next year. He wants to get Grammarly Premium for students and for there to be more schoolwide trips. He also wants to get everyone’s school ID on their phones and to get ChargeFuze stations at Ramaz. He plans to get these done with speed and respect. He’s working hard to get these things done as fast as possible and he has an easy time communicating his ideas with the administration. Before Ilan came to Ramaz, he went to multiple schools. He has an understanding of what will work or not and he’ll take what he learned from his past experiences at other schools to make Ramaz a better place.

Alex Paul, the Vice President, wants to ensure that student life at Ramaz is happy and help reduce stress. As Junior Vice President this year, she helped do many things including Monday mincha muffins and the Purim chagigah. She aims to continue those next year as VP, as well as add more activities including tye-dying in the sukkah and handing out disposable cameras on special days. She will try her hardest to work with her fellow G.O members to ensure that the students’ wants and ideas are set into action. Alex has chronic hiccups and gets them multiple times a day. 

Raymond Ashkenazie, the Junior Vice President, plans to work with the other members of the G.O to improve the spirit and club life at Ramaz. He will work with the other members to get clubs more funding for food, raffles, and trips. He has many new ideas to contribute to the school including Rosh Chodesh breakfast and weekly dinners for all the academic and sports teams. He also wants to make programming more fun by being able to close 78th Street more often to do more events. One of his main goals is to hear the concerns of students and to make an environment where each student is comfortable sharing their concerns. He will do this by introducing himself to incoming freshmen, so they feel comfortable sharing their concerns with him. Not only is Raymond involved in school politics, but he will also be working for Senator Schumer in the senate in Washington D.C this summer.

Eliza Binstock, the Associate Vice President of Communications, has the job of managing the Ramaz G.O social media. She wants to involve everyone in the decision-making process by using her social media resources to listen and reach out to all the students. She wants to take the students’ ideas and help communicate them to the administration. By doing this, she will help to create a relaxed school environment and connect with the students. Eliza also has many ideas to improve the school by adding better lunches, better breakfasts, fun activities, and adding back the scheduled free periods. In addition to being the AVP of Communications, Eliza also plays the drums, hockey, and basketball and speaks fluent Yiddish. 

Alex Gage, the Associate Vice President of Student Life, will try to listen to all the students suggestions and ideas to improve the school. He will work with his friend, Joshua Todes ’23, and his team to create club pages. These pages will help students find the club they want to go to by telling them the time and room of the meeting. He will also work with the administration to add many new ideas. He wants to make better breakfasts by adding a variety of food and drinks. Alex is on the hockey and soccer teams and is also a twin.