Club Fair Reimagined with Club Hub


On September 20th, the Ramaz annual club fair took place. Walking from booth to booth set up in the auditorium, students had the opportunity to learn about and sign up for all of the different clubs Ramaz has to offer. There were over 80 clubs at the club fair, ranging from BIC, to coding club, to art club, to Friendship Circle, and to several new clubs such as Fashion Club and The FIDF club.

In the past, students would sign up for clubs on pieces of paper, but this year, students created accounts with Club Hub and scanned QR codes at each booth to join the clubs they were interested in.

Ilan Puterman ’23, founder of Club Hub, explained his reasoning for creating the website: “I created Club Hub out of a need I heard from Ramaz students. There were too many notifications on Schoology and club members were still missing events. There had to be a better system.” In the future, Puterman ’23 plans on building a community of teens by connecting Ramaz clubs to clubs in other schools. His goal is for clubs in different schools to share guest speakers, presentations, and have live events together.

When asked how students feel about the new club website, Sami Rose Fishman ’26 said: “I found club fair to be helpful for me. It was a great way to display all of the club options and I got to see all of the clubs I wanted. I signed up for about ten to fifteen clubs but I only kept five of the clubs. I liked how many of the clubs made their own displays, although I wished they were more spread out as the auditorium was a mess and I was partially unable to walk though it.”

Aryeh Goldstein ’25 said, “I thought club fair was great. The new system of signing up for clubs was also very helpful because it let me see all the clubs I was a part of in one place. I signed up for about ten to twelve clubs.”

Ashley Behm ’24, leader of Book Club, expressed her opinion about The Club Hub: “I really enjoyed club fair this year, especially with the addition of The Club Hub since it made it easy to have all the clubs I was interested in in one place. It was also super helpful to know who and how many people were interested in the Book Club. In the past, there were paper sign up sheets for students to sign up with during club fair although no one would really do anything with them after the fair.”