Freshman Class President Election Showdown

Haim Heilborn Nigri ’26

The race for Freshman Class President finished with two class presidents emerging from five candidates. On Tuesday, November 8th, the winners of the election were announced: students Haim Heilborn Nigri ’26 and George Meyer ’26 beat their fellow candidates Lielle Assayag ’26, Eleanor Abitbol ’26, and Sami Rose Fishman ’26.

The race began on November 2nd, 2022, with students being challenged to offer their unique perspectives and to represent the entire freshman grade. In response, five candidates arose, each with something unique to offer. “And as your class president, I will strive to implement these changes. I will listen to our needs and we can improve Ramaz, step by step,” said Heilborn Nigri ’26. In an agreement to improve Ramaz, Meyer ’26 voiced his concerns for freshmen privileges to leave the school building for lunch.

Less than one week later, time was up and the votes came rolling in. In a recent poll, it has been found that a strong majority of freshmen voted for one of the following cand

idates: Nigri ’26, Meyer ’26, or Abitol ’26. The vast majority voted for the former, while the last two fought in a close race for the title of Class Co-President.







Another poll shows that some students seem to be happy with the winners, generating much hope for this year. “I voted for [the candidates] because I felt like they can really change the way of the school and the idea of what being a class president is,” said a student in the anonymous poll. Most freshmen who filled out this poll seem to hold this opinion.






The overall election seems to have been a win for many at Ramaz. The race was a close one, and the Class Co-Presidents have the potential to improve Ramaz for the better.