Welcome to the Ramaz Week In Review!


After the end of a long and grueling week, the students of Ramaz have become accustomed to that one last ding from Schoology notifying them of the Week In Review. It is that ding that marks the end of the week and the soon-to-be serenity that shabbos will bring in a couple of hours. The short but sweet Week In Review gives students of all grades a taste of nostalgia through quick and witty humor produced by Ramaz’s very own students. 

The Week In Review was initially started and produced by the talented Rosenfeld brothers, Adrian Rosenfeld ’24 and recently graduated Caleb Rosenfeld ’22. They thought of the idea to make a weekly video summary in the midst of 2020, and it took off from there. As many students do with potential club ideas, they  went to Dov to get the ball rolling. One Friday, as Adrain explained, they marked the historical start of the Week In Review, a then-unknown venture for the Ramaz Upper School, and have continued since because of the positive reviews they received since day one. 

The Rosenfeld brothers were a dynamic duo when it came to producing the Week In Review. Adrian was the behind-the-scenes man, immersed in the production of the video, while Caleb was the lead newscaster , cracking jokes and engaging the audience. Inevitably and unfortunately for the students at Ramaz, Caleb was bound to graduate, leaving the Week In Review hostless. When asked how he felt after Caleb’s departure, Adrian stated, “After my brother graduated, I was a little nervous… I said I think we will figure it out and we figured it out and we found Rebecca to be the main newscaster of this year”. 

Just like Adrain stated and the Ramaz students have seen through this year’s Week In Reviews, someone has stepped up to the role of the main newscaster, Rebecca Kalimi ’23. Even before the year started, Rebecca not only watched the Week In Review but wanted to be a part of it. When asked how she got this coveted role, she said, “I went to Caleb Rosenfeld about it and I said I really wanted to do it and he said ‘okay, I think that’s a good idea.’ And then when school started, we kind of remembered it so I went to Adrian and was like ‘Are we doing it this year?’ and he said yes.” This marked the start of a new era for the Week In Review with one of the hopefully many new newscasters this year will bring. 

The students only see the short video posted on Schoology, but even for that short clip, there is a lot of work put in. With the fast-moving pace of Ramaz , it is hard to always know what is going on within the school and even harder to think up genuinely funny jokes about them, especially on top of other work that needs to be done. Luckily, the creation of the video is not a solo job, but rather the members behind the Week In Review work together to produce this weekly staple. It is clear that Adrian works behind the scene as the editor and Rebecca as the newscaster, but when it comes to content and leading up to the actual recording of the video, they work together, keeping their eyes out for newsworthy topics to talk about and taking pictures to include for visuals. 

The ones the Ramaz student body has to thank for this are the Rosenfeld brothers. Not only Caleb and Adrian but also their younger, now-freshman brother, Asher, who has also been known to steal the spotlight as the newscaster occasionally. Ramaz students should continue to be on the lookout for the Week In Review because it truly has become a staple for the end of the busy Ramaz weeks.