What Is the New Student Ambassador Program?


Aviva Schilowitz ’24

Every Ramaz school year comes with its own set of changes and new features. One of this year’s highest profile new features is a new “Student Ambassador Program,” which was announced by Mr. Kenny Rochlin ‘86, Ramaz’s Head of Institutional Advancement, at the first day of school assembly this year. As described by Mr. Rochlin, students who serve as Student Ambassadors in the program will have involvement in school and alumni related events. A flier with information about the program was handed out at the assembly. It included, among other things, how to apply and that students who apply would be interviewed by Ms. Tuoritz shortly after submitting their application. The questions on the application asked applicants why they want to be an ambassador and what ideas they have for the program in the future. 

In an interview, Mr. Rochlin said that the program has thus far received very positive feedback, with 28 students applying. He said the idea came about as a collaboration between Dr. Jucovy, Mr. Rochlin, and the current GO president, Ilan Putterman. The goal of the program is to allow students to express their leadership within the school, including getting experience in fundraising and helping run events. In his view “the Ambassadors will represent Ramaz’s Now.” One of the highlights for participants will be the opportunity to be involved in alumni events and to connect with alums personally. 

Furthermore, according to Mr. Rochlin, Mr. Jonathan Cannon, Ramaz’s Head of School, wanted the program to allow students to get involved in the school’s everyday functioning. This program gives participants the opportunity to do just that. Not only will students be helping out the school, but they will receive valuable lessons on how Ramaz and organizations function. 

The program has already hit the ground running. At Open School Night, Student Ambassadors were on prominent display. One could spot students all over the school with name tags that read “Student Ambassador.” These students were seen greeting parents, helping them find where to go, helping with handouts, and assisting in many other tasks. 

Student Ambassadors Raymond Ashkenazie ‘24 and Romi Chavot ‘24 both served as ambassadors at Open School Night and reported having positive experiences. According to Chavot, “being a student ambassador is a really unique experience. I’ve gotten to help parents experience the greatness of Ramaz while also bonding with my friends and fellow ambassadors. I hope to continue our work with all branches of the school from teachers, students, parents, and alumni.” 

Going forward, the program will be focused on involvement in the institutional advancement of Ramaz under Mr. Rochlin. He feels it will be a great opportunity for students to express themselves through leadership. It will involve a significant time commitment but it is an experience that will benefit both the school and the participants.